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Our walls

There is a rich history of building masonry structures throughout the island of Ireland. Stonewalls can not only be functional but also objects of beauty. We can use traditional methods and materials including re-claimed stone and lime mortars to create high quality and unique structures. A full consultation and design service is provided. We appreciate every client is unique and so tend to your stone masonry desires with your individual requirements in mind.

New build internal stone wall 1

This wall was built with old reclaimed stone and lime mortar to be in keeping with the period dwelling it sits in There is a sliding wooden door that fits internally within this...

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Stone cairn viewpoint 2

Built on Divis mountain overlooking the Belfast area, this was built with locally sourced basalt from the...

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Stone Cairn viewpoint 1

A stone viewpoint built on Black Mountain overlooking Belfast All the stone was sourced on the mountain, a local basalt This was built as part of an initiative by Hills partnerships and custodians of the area to create informative viewpoints for the public Every attempt was made to have minimal...

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Curved garden feature


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Scrabo sandstone square pillars This was built as part of a project to repair and re-introduce traditional stlyes of masonry gateposts and pillars at identified sites throughout Strangford Lough and Lecale, in Co...

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Donegal slate 1

Contemporary design, a wall built with donegal slate in a very linear tight...

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