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Our fireplaces

Fireplaces are unique and bespoke to each client. Depending on the brief: size, style, stone type, colour, practical requirements etc. Initial ideas are discussed and drawings can be made. In this way we can visualise what a client wants. Each fireplace is an artistic installation, reflecting individual preferences. Working alongside local accredited stove and fire fitters we can provide a ‘one stop shop’ where everything from removing old material, a bespoke design process, and complete fit is achieved.

Fireplace Example 3

This fireplace was build to the clients preferences to use large pieces of stone, which were built in a natural random style Mourne granite and Ballmagreehan granite from foothills of mourne were used A nice single piece was cut and dressed to shape for the hearth Everything from removing the...

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Fireplace Example 2

There was limited space for this fireplace A stove was eventually fitted The stone used was local CoDown reclaimed grey stone and fieldstone And re-claimed imperial red brick Dressed limestone hearth stones and sanded waxed and varnished re-claimed timber...

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Fireplace and internal wall


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